Terani Couture - Counterfeit

 You get what you pay for!

 At Terani Couture we take pride in what we do, that is creating a one of a kind beautiful custom dress. A Terani Couture dress is unique from other dresses in that we use the highest quality material to create a memorable experience for our consumers.

 As a result of our fine and remarkable work, many people believe they can replicate our Terani Couture dresses and are known as counterfeiters. To ensure you are getting a 100% Terani Couture Authentic dress you must search under our “Where To Buy” section and confirm a real Terani Couture Retailer.

  It’s unfortunate for any consumer to get pulled into a fake Terani Couture Retailer, as it is simply a scam.  However we are here to assist and help you identify a fake Terani Couture retailer.


How to Spot a Fake:

1) A website that is not listed in our “Where to Buy” section

2) The price seems to good to be true

3) The website doesn’t reveal the location of their business

4) The website only has online 24/7 support and no phone number


Result of Buying a Fake:

1) It’s a Scam

2) You don’t even get a dress

3) Upon receiving a dress, it looks nothing like a Terani Couture Dress

4) You cannot recover your money


Please avoid the following fake websites:

(click Ctrl+F to search this page for a website you think is counterfeit)
Bridal– .com